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By nature, recorders (especially wooden ones) are sensitive beasts, and producing reliable high notes can be difficult. So a few random thoughts: The instrument must be scrupulously clean. A wooden recorder may need the block removed so that the windway can be cleaned and the block smoothed. A simple but scary job. Damage around the labium area will cause ...


Curved windways are usually considered to give a more interesting, complex tone quality, but I couldn't give an acoustic reason for this. They're definitely more difficult to produce I've also heard it suggested that a curved windway is superior because it allows condensation to drain to the edges of the windway more easily, where it will interfere less.


The lowest notes will be the most sensitive to any air leaks in the instrument. Aside from possible damage to the joints between the three parts of the instrument, the most likely cause of leaks is not covering the finger holes fully. The lowest two holes are actually two small holes, so make sure you are covering both of them completely. The easiest way to ...

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