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Grease Typically with cork grease, a little can go a long way. Sometimes when there is too much, it becomes sticky and does make it hard to unscrew the parts of a recorder/clarinet/saxophone. Cork It is very very common for a new instrument's cork to swell. I personally do not know about the brand Aura, but Buffet R13 Clarinets, for example, take a ...


Try a simplified test: Write out some scales, major, minor, up and down, and play them in unison with your violinist. Play them staccato, legato, pp and ff. See if you sound reasonably in tune on this simple test. Do the same thing with a recently-tuned piano.


Note there are two different 20th-century designs of recorder, "German" and "baroque". You can tell the difference by looking at the relative size of the finger holes - see http://www.mollenhauer.com/en/useful-information/recorder-designs/baroque-and-german-fingering#.VcU2nZDbKJA. You can't play in tune using the "wrong" fingering for the instrument. The ...

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