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To identify it when constructing the final mix. Not much point in deciding "that was a good one!" if you can't find it later!


Of course the only way to actually make a professional sounding recording is to have it made by a team of professionals using high end equipment. But you can get fairly close without all that stuff and you can definitely make recordings that sound great. A great master relies on a great mix, and a great mix relies on great recording. So you really want to ...


Listen to one of your recordings. What doesn't sound "professional" about it? Fix that thing. Is it the music, the arrangement, the performance? It can be hard to produce your own work. Is it the sound of the room - a more important factor than people often imagine? Equipment is less of an issue, unless it's a VERY cheap microphone that's probably the ...


This is a very long topic - there are entire university degrees on it - but key things to look at: input quality - a good mic, sound deadening in your recording room, a decent mixer etc. are essential, as the better your input sound quality the better you can build your track. A decent noise floor helps a lot understanding the frequency spectrum - work out ...

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