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learn about beatmapping and the beatmapper wizard in SONY ACID Studio..works great for me! Stretch and fold your drum tracks to match the metronome and presto you can record other tracks onto it with ease!


Yes, it is possible to audio quantize in Reaper and all popular DAWs. In general you'll find two different approaches to audio quantize (or a combination of): with or without time stretching. The best results will depend in the material you are modifying. Without time stretching (which is nothing more than cutting a piece of audio and putting it somewhere ...


Let's say you play guitar at a band. You (obviously) don't play every single song of the second you want to record. Suppose that you have an intro, then there is a vocal intro (where you don't play) and then the first verse comes etc. How can you follow that if you don't hear it? One way is to count bars. So, you play your intro and then count 57 bars and ...


The simplest way to do a guide track, is simply to record the vocals for a song, along with one accompanying instrument (maybe guitar or piano). These parts don't need to be recorded well enough to be used in the final recording, but they would need to follow the same structure (length of sections and order of sections). These parts can then be recorded ...


It's called pop filter, pop shield, or anti-pop. It protects the microphone from things like fast moving air and saliva. Its main function is to attenuate the aspirated plosives of the singer, which can produce noise and strong ugly transients.


I am using Ableton Live 9 with my electrical guitar (through a sound interface like yours) and I think that is a good setup. In Live I can easily use effects as Looper and map that to some midi-pedal or similar, to get it to act as a real guitar pedal. I'd recommend that!


I've used 3 effects applications till now: Amplitube podfarm and guitar rig 5. The best software I found so far is guitar rig the sound it gives is amazing it has some pretty good presets and it has an intuitive interface I recommend trying out demos of every software to see which better suits you. I recommend guitar rig. I would suggest using a PC instead ...


You can assemble your own system from disparate components, hardware and software, and spend a lot of time and confusion getting them all to work together. But the easiest and ultimately most cost-effective route is to purchase one of the least-expensive Apple Macintosh computers, all of which come with Apple's free GarageBand software installed. This will ...


If you are familiar with - a special kind of - programming, you can use something like Pure Data or Max MSP. Pure Data (PD), for example, is an open source, visual programming environment for manipulating streams of data like audio (or video). With PD you are able to build your own individual FX chains or use community contributed patches (In PD speech ...


If you want to do free live software looping I would suggest the Mobius looper: http://www.circularlabs.com If you want to layer audio files and loop them for free, I would suggest Audacity: http://audacity.sourceforge.net For hardware and for paid software I would have other suggestions.

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