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Well, the technical difficulties are basically what you'll encounter with the three-part inventions or symphonies. In contrast to them, they are assembled into a musical whole rather than an educational one. The typical pianist rather rarely is confronted with the wish to make a performance from all three-part inventions. The Goldberg variations were ...


The theme only looks easy. The hard part is fitting in all the ornaments and getting the result to sound like you were just making it up as you go, but not turning into an incoherent mess. Var 13 and 25 is another two where the notes are easy enough, but it's hard to stop it sounding like a rather boring technical exercise. The variations that are scariest ...


The Goldberg Variations are considered infamous / demanding for a few reasons, which I will outline briefly below. Firstly, the reasons why the work is infamous: The work is a theme and variations, and to my knowledge there are no other JS Bach pieces that follow suit. The work represents the highest model of Baroque theme and variations. Many of JS ...


I believe Chopin's wide array of piano pieces would fit in with what you're looking for. There is much to choose from, and his work is well-received by the public. Etudes are part of his repertoire.

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