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As I understand it, this would be played by crossing your right hand over your left and playing the lower notes with your right hand. In general, I think the hand that moves will be on top of the 'anchor' hand (the one that remains in position).


Bela Bartok was an Ethnomusicologist too.. he was known to have collected some gypsy songs, for example: -> If you are searching for a book on this subject, Bela Bartok's Studies ...


That part is in the original (see the last two measures of the fourth page). The problem could be that you have an arrangement of the piece (i.e., not the original, unabridged version). Wait, slow down a minute. You mentioned tabs. Are you by any chance playing this on a guitar? If so, the editor might have decided to cut those two bars for their sheer ...


I assume you seek an empirical answer, but here is a philosophical one. I am giving such an answer because I deem giving the kind of answer which I assume you seek as impossible. Below is my argument for why it is impossible. How can I tell an SUV apart from a van? What are some of the things that make a truck different from a lorry? Before you evaluate ...

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