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I bought my first guitar and chord book when I was 18, stuffed around for 10 years trying to play (admitting putting in about 100 hrs in total) and learn all chords in the book until they burgaled by home and stole my equipment. I gave up, and 10 years later tried again, with a different approach. I have been at it for a year now, it is a difficult road now ...


PRACTICE "It takes a lot of devotion and work, or maybe I should say play, because if you love it, that's what it amounts to. I haven't found any shortcuts and I've been looking for a long time." __ Chet Atkins


The best way to start playing guitar is to slowly walk around a piano, looking at it from all sides, and telling it "you are fat and you are ugly". It's important to do that before you start buying the first amplifiers/speakers weighing in excess of 500lbs. So don't get to it too late. Now there is no king's road to musicianship, like there isn't one into ...


If you can't afford lessons, then you may well start off with some bad habits. That said, rock is a genre which can be accepting of bad technique. YouTube is a good way to begin, but I'd really suggest finding some tracks that you really like and getting the tab for them, and just start playing along. Be aware that a lot of tabs online show a possible way ...

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