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As pointed out in a comment by Matthew Read, this is for sure a translation error. The author as well as the translator are both Spanish speakers (from Argentina and Mexico, respectively). Subtonic is of course correct, but sensitive is a mistranslation from the Spanish sensible for leading tone.


The C and A Altered Dorian scales you show, are simply Dorian Modes with fourth degrees raised by a Semitone. So, to work out the Altered Dorians starting on the other pitches: firstly, work out the Dorian modes starting on each of these pitches; secondly, raise the fourth degree of each of these modes by a semitone. There are two easy ways to work out the ...


A Mixolydian scale is a major scale starting on the 5th step of the scale. So it's basically a major scale with a flattened 7th which makes it harmonise with a dominant 7 chord. It's got a slightly happier vibe than a Dorian scale and a slightly sadder vibe than an Ionian(Major) Scale.

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