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As Tim said, this is definitely instrument dependent, but I'll try to give you some specifics. In general, though, here are some things that I really advise against marking down: What the key signature means Similarly, going through a piece to write in every accidental that is already given in the key signature Note names Instrument-specific guidance on ...


Depending on how the audio file was recorded it may have time deviations from the 100 bpm steady beat you'd need. If it was recorded without a click track, electronic drum, or some other fixed tempo reference, there will surely be jitters that may make it very difficult (or at least demand a lot of work) to perfectly align with a new steady time reference. ...


Yes, you can use the multi-voice feature. On each track, you can use up to 4 independent voices : the notes can have different duration and independent stem direction. Each number represent a voice (when selected, the notes on that voice are in black, the others in gray) and the last button displays all voices in black. When you edit / enter notes, it ...


I looked up "bass clef quiz" and found a number of good hits. No doubt some of these links will be broken before long, but hopefully that query will find new ones by then :) Edit: I just created one of my own.


NO! NO! NO! NO! IT IS NOTTTTT!!! a roll. The dots indicate a four note subdivision in the time of the note they are over: a half note with a single slash indicates play eighth notes (four of them). A quarter note with a double slash and four dots means to play sixteenth notes.

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