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Your theory is correct: these notes are written offset from one another to be legible. They are to be played simultaneously.


I have to agree with @alephzero here. You need to have a very good technique to be able to play this piece. If you want to attempt it regardlessly, you should definitely do it together with your teacher (who I am pretty sure is going to try to talk you out of this idea). Otherwise you might end up "teaching" yourself the wrong technique of playing which ...


Can I ask what your intentions are with doing this exercise? Based on the picture you present, I'm not sure it's worth the time it takes, and here's why: essentially, all you've done is labeled every pitch name. In doing so, you just 'translated' one written system (the musical score) into another written system with which you're more familiar (solf├ęge). If ...


The fact that you are a beginner--at music reading--is obvious, or you wouldn't be attempting this. By all means, give it a go; for all I know you have the technique of an Art Tatum, who couldn't read music either. (Blindness kind of gets in the way of that.) However, if you were only able to read words at the level of an older child, you could more ...

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