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Well, I don't know the programmatic facilities of Sibelius. Here is an example LilyPond file: \version "2.18.0" #(define (perm lst r) (if (zero? r) '(()) (append-map (lambda (x) (append-map (lambda (old) (if (member x old) '() (list (cons x old)))) (perm lst (1- r)))) lst))) showperm = #(define-music-function (parser ...


Sibelius sounds like exactly what you're after. I had to use it for my A Level music and it was an extremely good program (although I would recommend using the real sounds, not the MIDI sounds if you can afford it). I'd also recommend using Guitar Pro 5 or 6 for score and notation, however I'd say Sibelius is geared more towards a proper score, whereas ...

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