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AB has recently included sight singing in the piano grades too, so your teacher should be looking at that aspect to prepare for exams along with everything else. Often, as Neil suggests, the aural bit of exam stuff is left till the rest is good - it is a small percentage - but it still needs to be part of each lesson. My pupils can't escape it !


Sight Reading / Singing and Aural skills really are things your teacher should be doing with you. I know sometimes teachers don't have the time or the patience to these things themselves but I still think it is poor for a teacher not to be doing these things with you. You don't consider your pupils like the mince going through a sausage stuffer. You need to ...


As others have said: most sight-singing classes don't care if your voice sounds well. It's all about reading, keeping rythm and holding pitch. It's not a voice lesson. You're not becoming an opera singer, you're developing a more intimate relation to written music. For holding pitch, which I suspect is your main concern, a lot of it is about building ...


Unless you are going to be a singer, don't worry too much about vocal quality. Obviously, there are books you can read on vocal pedagogy to help with healthy singing technique, but probably not necessary in your case; ask your singer friends for some pointers and I'm sure they'll be happy to help you out. One of the ways I learned to sight-sing that was ...

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