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Wow you guys all have done so much practice! For grade 7 I practiced 20 mins a day for 6 days a week for 50 weeks and got distinction on ABRSM For grade 8 I practiced 35 mins a day for 6 days a week for 50 weeks and got a pass on ABRSM on top of my other instrument which I don't do grades but play lots I was 12-14 when doing this (2012-2014)


Irish whistle (aka pennywhistle aka tin whistle) is not only the easiest to learn, it's also the probably the only musical instrument in the world where you can get a professional level instrument for around US$20. A great starter site for Irish whistle is Chiff and Fipple.


Well, "non-reed" eliminates most of the woodwind family, leaving only the flute family. Recorder is pretty easy. There's a reason it's the instrument of choice for elementary school music programs. It takes zero embouchure (mouth position/strength) and almost no air support--you pretty much just blow into it gently and it works. Other recorder-like ...


I'm going to bet the recorder fits this bill.

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