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Just to add to the list of software that can do this, Harmony Assistant also has a script that will check for parallel octaves and fifths. I know it supports importing MIDI (and probably MusicXML).


My sense is that I can never think of an example of a piece published in the main era of classical music hand engraving (1800-1960) that has a tie which continues into the first ending where the engraver did not also put the ending of the tie in the second ending (similarly for other elements that extend into the first ending such as crescendi; I would also ...


There is an Ornament Playback Plugin for Sibelius. You can select options for inverted and chromatic ornaments. Information about this plugin, including how to find it, can be found at this webpage. UPDATE: the picture below shows where the Ornament Playback Plugin can be found in the Play tab of the ribbon (this is in the latest version, Sibelius 7): ...


I have a decent pc and I bought a new icon ikeyboard but it had horrible latency even after installing its driver .After reading a few blogs all I did was just installed the ASIO4ALL and that was it , did not even had to do any configurations, my pc recognised it itself and the latency is gone.I use sonar and it worked for me , I hope it does for you too. ...


I use MidiIlustrator. Very good app. You can compose or re-write any music sheet. Once you learn how to use it. This one is the best. It change page for you, too. Music note is good too but it doesn't change page.


I'm sure you will find many programs that give you want you are looking for (any notation program for example). However, you need to learn to play the rhythms yourself. Using the programs will result in you learning by rote, which is essentially just copying what you're hearing without really understanding the concepts. This is akin to being a parrot. ...


Yes, plenty. Guitar Pro is commercial, but there are free alternatives: http://sourceforge.net/projects/tuxguitar/ I'm sure Tux has the MIDI voice for percussion available.

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