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In band rehearsal, the mix typically isn't really good anywhere in the room. And it needn't be, because since everybody has their own amp, there's very good spatial separation. Which is almost as useful as frequency separation for making everything audible. To fully exploit this, make sure everybody hears everybody else from a different direction, i.e. place ...


I think it caused by compressor. Try to find option for adding or remove effect in MAGIX Music Maker 2013. You should turn off the compressor.


It's not unheard of to have NO master volume, and instead to have separate volume knobs for each pickup. When your P/U selector is in the middle position, this then allows you to dial in the exact mix that you want. The third knob, then, sounds like it's a master tone for both pickups. The grinding sound when you turn one of the knobs could just be a ...

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