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Try replacing the G with a wound string. I know this is an old thread, but it has helped me, so here's my experience (hope could be useful to anyone): 3 years ago I bought my first strat-like, a cheap second hand guitar that was a school for me: disassembled completely, adjusted truss rod, saddles, changed pickups, installed a phase switch... so well, I'm ...


Open your wardrobe and play into it. Put the end right in among the clothes. My music teacher recommended this to me, and it works very well. I take my clarinet with me on long trips, and have practiced in many a hotel without anyone complaining.


It depends on you maths and computer programming level. Sound synthesis is very much related to sound analysis which requires Fourier transforms and many other mathematical backgrounds. Once you studied discrete Fourier transform, filtering and computer programming, you understand how VST and programs like 'Live' or 'Reason' are made.

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