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It is likely that the output from your keyboard is too loud which is overdriving the input of your monitor's amplifier and causing clipping/distortion. Try turning your keyboard's volume down and then turn the volume of your monitors up to compensate for the keyboard's volume decrease.


Though Todd Wilcox is right that this will be a compromise, I'd say it's not necessarily that bad. True is: classical HiFi speakers are almost completely unusable for any live application, and heavy-duty wedge monitors are quite ridiculous as home speakers. But there is a decent middle ground nowadays: compact active full-range PA speakers. These are ...


Stage monitors are designed to do something quite different from what normal stereo speakers are designed to do. That means if you get great stage monitors, they won't sound so great as stereo speakers and vice/versa. But you could use one for the other. Getting effective stage monitors is more important, to me, because you want to be able to hear yourself ...

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