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Yes, it can be done but I don't think it's worth it. Two possible outcomes: A. You'll spend your whole life either wondering whether it's you that can't play or if it's your plastic box that sounds bad and hollow and gritty. you'll probably not be able to understand what's wrong with your playing and you won't improve much, especially in terms of control, ...


Be wary of the headphone output levels in the pedal and the actual volume on the system in order to: 1) get a clean sound. 2) reduce the risk of blowing a speaker when using a heavy distortion or high gain effect. It is common sense even when connecting to an amp but extra care is needed when using systems the way they are not intended to. The Zoom G3 ...


If your stereo has an "aux" input, of the kind you'd plug a separate CD player into, then yes, you can connect the output of most multi-effects pedals to this. It's likely, in fact, that the output is labeled "headphone/line out". But any headphone output can be used as a "poor man's line out".

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