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Yes, your teacher is very correct there. When you tune down, it outside slack on the strings, and gears! This means your guitar's tuning may go below the level you wanted. If you want to avoid tuning down, I recommend purchasing a chromatic/guitar tuner. This helps you to reach near perfect pitch, so you should tune down less.


If your tailpiece is loose my advice is: go to a luthier. Because in this case is important to check if the sound-pole is in its place, as it can move away or fall and endanger the violin. Since you have to do that ask there for a cleaning product. Violins have a special polish that is most often made/produced by the luthier himself. On your own I would ...


It depends on whether you ever want to use it as a violin again or whether it is supposed to be a decoration piece. Early 1900 copies of good instruments may well be mass-manufactured (Markneukirchen and other German cities near the Czech border were notable for cranking out mislabeled or at least misleadingly labeled "old master" instruments in drones). ...

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