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Is it possible that you have some of the strings tuned an octave too low? If you don't know and cannot hear the difference, you need to get a teacher. Otherwise, your model, at US ...


Can't speak for every combination, but found success with the following nylon string installation on a steel-string acoustic guitar. Love the sound, worth the time. Taylor 814ce Ernie Ball Earthwood Acoustic Guitar Strings (Nylon Classic Ball-End)(28, 32, 40, 30, 36, 42) There are other string brand options such as D'Addario EJ34's, Martin M160's, etc. ...


The point of thicker strings for drop C tuning is that they will end up at about the same tension as the original set at concert pitch. So the neck, bridge and belly of the guitar (and the new set of strings) are only stressed the same as they were originally. Take them up to standard at your peril!!


If they are specifically for a dropped tuning, tuning up to standard might be a risk of breaking your brand new strings. Perhaps check the packaging to see if they can be used with a standard tuning. If not, don't tune them all the way up.


Also note that there is the possibility of getting a baritone-length 12-string which is designed to be tuned down as much as a fourth (lowest strings to B). This is the "Leadbelly" guitar, and it largely solves the problem of excessive string tension. It also has a wonderful deep jangle, as you can hear on old Blind Willie McTell records. ...

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