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So... First i would like to address using heaver strings then what was issued with your eppi... Laced up and tuned puts approximately 160 pounds pull on the guitar. Going heavier is going to stress everything including your fingers. "Jimi" went as low as 8's... On a 24.75 scale gibson or chinese Eppi. could be 24,5/8 - 24, 11/16 or 24, 3/4. depending on ...


In addition to the gut string feel cited by Meaningful Username in her/his answer, another advantage of strings without a metal core is that they are less susceptible to changes in pitch resulting from climactic change, especially temperature. At least that is what this manufacturer claims. The Tremors are one of the bands who use their strings, and they ...


It is likely an attempt to get closer to the sound of gut strings that were used on the double bass in times of yore (and now, although it's not so common). The slap style, and the back to basics approach of rockabilly would suggest this.


You can use ordinario or normale: ordinario or normale: to bow in the ordinary or normal fashion, canceling a previous instruction to play s.p. or s.t. abbreviations: ord. ; norm.; N. - source


There is ZERO scientific evidence to support the assertion that tuning up to pitch will help a string stay in tune longer than doing the opposite. When tuning a guitar, once your hand leaves the tuning key, the string will be at a certain pitch. The idea that special properties are present because the position and tension of the tuning machine was achieved ...

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