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The string length of a viola is not all that much more than that of a violin (if it were "in scale", it would need to be 50% more than that of a violin). Naturally, you don't want a rededicated G string, but with a "proper" C string, there will not be all that much of a string thickness variation to work with. The main problem is that a violin body is just ...


One sticker on a Yamaha F335 will not have a perceptible effect on the sound of the guitar. If you covered the entire soundboard (top) with stickers, you might notice an impact on the resonance of your tone. Most of the sound from an acoustic guitar is produced by the vibration of the top - also known as the sound board. Anything that reduces or dampens ...


One sticker on the guitar body will by any reasonable metric make diddly squat difference to the sound being made. There's just no way such an imperceptible change in mass will affect the resonance, and it's not like a sticker is going to restrict vibration of the surface either. I mean hell, most acoustic guitars have big plastic pickguards on them, and ...


Yes. But it depends on what is your guitar, what's the wood, where you place it, how thick is the sticker. I'm assuming your Yamaha F335 is made of a plywood, then if you place your sticker on the back of your guitar, it'll be fine I guess. But if you place it on your fingerboard, it will affect the sound so much. But I know you'll place it somewhere on ...


I don't think it will affect the overall sound. Something like the freshness of your strings will have a much bigger impact.


I would like someone to help with a run down of everything they do when they practice, step by step. Start by doing some relaxing exercises, without the instrument. I don't know how it's called, but I really like to let my upper body fall down, like I was trying to touch my feet with my hands. I guess anything really would be great, but remember to ...


Check the length of the string, you may need to move the bridge (and wooden base) a little higher to shorten the string a little, a small amount will make a big difference to your string tensions & the balance across the range.

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