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You can do this with any cheap Soundmodule or Soundcard. Just go to the wind section of the GM module select a Panflute sound, put a low-cut filter on it to filter out the low end and EQ the high end to make it more aggressive. A compressor will give the sound an additional kick. If you are lucky your sound module does have a bottleblow sound as variation ...


Limitations are always good for the creative process. If you are limited to F and F# (from now on I'll call it Gb) in the bass you could create an interesting modal piece by alternating between the chords of Fm7 and GbMaj7 and play over them in the F phrygian mode (F Gb Ab Bb C Db Eb F - the same notes as Db major or Bb minor). Alternatively (or ...


Kevin provided advice for making the most of the limitation. I'll offer a couple ideas related to escaping the limitation, in case that's also part of what you're after. If the unwanted aspects occur only on two notes, it's not inherent to the waveform, so if you have the means sample one note, you can then reproduce it the way you want on many notes via ...


There are lots of MIDI controllers that are just buttons, sliders, and knobs. See here for a pretty wide selection. The usual way to connect these if you're looking to augment an existing keyboard is to plug the new controller into the keyboard's MIDI IN, so that from the computer's perspective it looks like everything is coming from the keyboard.

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