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Those are octaves. Mute the 4th string with the index finger. This is played in a million songs in Rock and Metal now. In Jazz, Wes Montgomery was famous for this technique. Yes there should be an X on the 4th string, but with enough experience and listening you know that they are octaves.


You just don't sound the string in the middle. That is, you pick the two non-adjacent strings with two different fingers of the right hand, like thumb and middle. There are also picks for that kind of thing even though they don't look like they'd work well with a full (typically every finger but the pinky) fingerpicking style.


I would consider this an unclear tab and look for another one, at least for verification. Typically, someone will mark in-between strings as open or with an x. Be very aware that a lot of tabs posted online are made by people that have no particular qualifications in that department, so your mileage may vary. It's hard to say exactly what they intended ...


This looks indeed like the finger indication. But Guitar Pro doesn't do that automatically, so it's the author of the tab that chose these numbers, which might explain why they're strange. It doesn't seem that there is an option in the Stylesheet (F7 shortcut) to remove them. You can change their position (in the "Notation" tab - left-hand fingering), but I ...

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