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As general rule, when there are 4 beats in a bar, beats 1,2,3 and 4 are strummed down. Any strums on the 'and' are up-strums - in order that the next beat is a down strum. Double up the timing, and make 8 downstrums in a bar instead of the original 4.Now each beat will have down, up, down, up in it. So on that first bar, the first strums will be D,D,U. As ...


This notation is a simplified notation of regular scores. It does not show whether you need to strum up or down -- that's something you'll just have to decide for yourself, judging on what feels best and what sounds best -- instead it shows the rhythm of your strumming. This website has an easy-to-understand list of what each symbol means, so take a look at ...


You have to hear the song in order to find the strumming pattern. The tabs don't give good rhythm indicators. Basically strumming on quarter notes is down on each beat. On eight notes down on the downbeat and up on the upbeat. Sixteenth notes would be down and up on each. Depending on the tempo it will vary as far as patterns. Get a feel for the rhythm by ...


There is a method in discovering the strums. In general you can air strum the entire time doing down, followed by up. If you follow the rhythm and only touch the strings when a chord is played in the song, you will get it. A nice example to discover this (but pretty hard), is Get Lucky. Check that rhythm guitar out :).


Common name is a pause sign. In 'proper' music (written notes), it means hold the note for longer than the note indicates, as in a four beat note may be held for 5/6 beats. Usually found at the end of a piece, where the last chord lasts longer than it is marked, signifying 'the end'.Not usually found in the middle of a piece.


It's called a fermata. It means hold the chord for good long moment. If there are other instruments playing, they will all stop and hold the note together. The whole movement of time in the song takes a pause, just stretching out the single beat.

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