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Common name is a pause sign. In 'proper' music (written notes), it means hold the note for longer than the note indicates, as in a four beat note may be held for 5/6 beats. Usually found at the end of a piece, where the last chord lasts longer than it is marked, signifying 'the end'.Not usually found in the middle of a piece.


It's called a fermata. It means hold the chord for good long moment. If there are other instruments playing, they will all stop and hold the note together. The whole movement of time in the song takes a pause, just stretching out the single beat.


It appears to be the 'fret' number, just as you'd find in the rest of the tab. Except open harmonics start out over frets - 1st is at the 12th fret, an octave, but as the string gets divided more and more, the nodes become out of line with the guitar frets. The 6th harmonic is found over 'fret 2.7' and the 5th over 'fret 3.2'.This is obviously very close to ...


I have never before seen decimal numbers used to represent harmonics. Although harmonics are a natural consequence of dividing a string to a length corresponding to the position of a note in the harmonic series, I expect most players would find this form of notation technical and/or distracting. The truth is, there are many ways to notate music and ...

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