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I found this on the SourceForge forums. Click on the guitar icon on the toolbar and choose "Show Instruments":


It means slide. There are many variations in how tab is written. Some people will use sl, and some use /. Bends are sometimes notated with an arrow and a number (usually 1/2 or 1) to indicates how may tones to bend up, sometimes it will be like --7-b-(9)- meaning bend the note at the 7th fret until it matches the pitch of the note at the 9th fret. If in ...


Everyone is different in terms of motivation, natural ability, physical anatomy, and ability to assimilate information based on various learning mediums. So I can't definitively say how well you will do learning to play guitar in the absence of a teacher who can assess and evaluate your current skill level and show you how to get from where you are today to ...


You can definitely teach yourself, especially with the range of tutorials on YouTube etc. That said, the value of a teacher is inestimable at various stages: in early learning, a teacher will ensure you don't pick up bad habits later to get past blocks to your progression even later to add skills from other disciplines at any time to add theory and ...


Absolutely. I taught myself to play guitar when I was 15, and I didn't even own a guitar :) I drew a fretboard on some cardboard so I could practice chord fingerings. When our daughter wanted to learn guitar, she asked us for some lessons. We said no, on the reasonable basis that we both know how to play guitar. Eventually the need in her to play guitar ...


Of course you can. I have taught myself to play drums and guitar. Teachers are nice because they have perspective that you don't, and can save you a lot of energy in the mistakes that young players will make. Keep on keepin' on. If you do decide to take a lesson or some, you will have your own perspective of what you have learned to bring to the table.

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