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In my opinion it is a tapping technique using the a finger from the picking hand. You would hammer-on the 12 fret with the right hand finger then pull-off to the 8th fret. A lot of rock and metal players play like this. Looks like the tab is showing arpeggios with tapping for the 12 fret note.


This can easily be executed by playing the 5th fret note, right hand hammer on 12th fret, followed by a pull off with the right hand to a fretted 8th fret note.


The symbol pictured which is sometimes referred to as a slur in music notation (curved line that forms an arc connecting two notes) in the image is often used to denote a hammer on in tablature. A slide is usually indicated by a diagonal line / or \ depending if it's an ascending or descending slide. But I don't see how you can be playing a note while ...

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