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There might be a second question here, which regards the internal tuning of the cello strings, relative to itself. Cellos are typically tuned in fifths (C-G-D-A) of course, but there are pieces that require a different tuning (a technique called scordatura). In this case, wikipedia mentions that Bach's 5th Cello Suite was written for a scordatura in which ...


These days many musicians who play Baroque music such as Bach tune their instruments down to the lower pitch of A=415, which is exactly one half-step below the modern standard of A=440. It is generally accepted by modern performers of early music in the historically-informed style that A=415 was the tuning that Bach himself used for the string pieces he ...


As MarkM pointed out, your claim is unsubstantiated. Consider further that "concert pitch" is not a fixed value. In the Good Old Days of Yesteryear, middle-A could be anything from 409Hz on up ( Wikipedia). Whether any particular YouTube recording was pitch-shifted in postprocessing is unknown.


Maybe you could point out which videos you're listening to. Period tuning is sometimes lower than A 440, but from a random sample of top results in youtube I found: Mischa Maisky : ...

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