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It is true that "measure" is used synonymously with "bar" in North America. Christopher Hasty, in Meter as Rhythm (1997) makes a compelling case for ceasing use of "measure" (in short, that he wishes to use the notion of "measure" more flexibly than the usage synonymous with bar, since in the process of making sense of rhythmic activity we use "measures" of ...


Serialism refers to a number of compositional techniques or styles, the most well-known of which is 12-note serialism. Generally, serialism means music which is governed by one or more series of values (often pitch, but sometimes dynamics, tempi, rhythm) which are reused throughout the piece to give a sense of unity. In 12-note serialism, a specific ...


They don't seem to be completely synonymous. Instead, it seems like an asymmetric time signature implies an additive rhythm, but an additive rhythm can exist in a "traditional" time signature. It appears that the word asymmetric is commonly used to describe meter, while additive is used to describe a rhythm. Rhythm and meter are related, but are not the ...


Because it's 'in key' (no accidentals) when rooted on the dominant of the key..... ie. In the key of C (all white notes) G7 uses all white notes..... C7 and F7 both have the seventh as an accidental (black note in C). So to stay in key you have major sevenths built on the first and fouth chords (root and ...


"Sonority" just means "sound". Musicians may use the word in different ways in different contexts. But it generally boils down to just meaning "sound".


I'd go for "dynamic peak". Interestingly, this commonly describes the location of the maximum, whereas the juxtaposition "peak dynamic" only refers to the value (such as fff).


Unfortunately "rise to a crescendo" has now entered the English language. But I think musicians still know that a crescendo is the climb, not the summit! If you find "climax" too vague and you specifically want to refer to the LOUDEST point of a piece, I think you'll have to say "loudest point".

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