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How you count 6/8 and 6/4 is relatively the same. They are both compound time signatures with two groups of three beats making a total of 6 beats in each measure. You would count each of them as: 1 2 3 4 5 6 The bolded beats represent the strong beats that make up the two different groups. However, based on what you described I would suggest keeping it in ...


Since you are trying to explain 2 bars of music, in 3/4 time, it needs only to be called 2 bars of 3/4. The beat is measured in crotchets (quarter notes), and there is no need to change that. Were it in 3/8 time, still 2 bars rather than 6/8 is more appropriate. It may work if you call it 6/4, but why complicate it. Dancers can count up to two easily - and ...

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