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Intro |4|4|4|4| |2| Verse |3|4|3|4| |3|4|3|4|4| Refrain |4|4|4|4| |4|4|4|4| |2| Vers |3|4|3|4| |3|4|3|4|4| Refrain |4|4|4|4| |4|4|4|4| etc. Well, the intro is like the refrain - straight 4 beats, then you have a little break of 2 quarters, verse is 4 groups of 7 quarters (3+4) ...


Lets get clarity on what syncopation is. Syncopation is at its core a emphasis on the weak part of a beat. If you would have syncopation in 4/4 time it would be something resembling this. The 4/4 Time signature would have the strong pulses on the 1 and third beats and by playing a long note on the second pulse you would be emphasizing a weak pulse. Now ...

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