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Pat Metheny's The First Circle, which starts of with clapping in 22/8, don't get much more odd than that! Incredible piece, I've heard it played by a big band called the Bristol Hornstars, and it's one of the most incredibly intricate pieces I've ever heard.


"March of the pigs" off of the downward spiral by Nine Inch Nails flips between 3 bars of 7/8 and one bar of 4/4 during the verses. The choruses are in 4/4, as are the end of the choruses, but the ends have a complete change of feel. "La Mer" off of The Fragile by Nine Inch Nails starts out in 3/4, and stays there, but when the drums enter they are in 4/4, ...


A nice example is Mother by Pink Floyd. It has 5/4 and 9/8 (both often for exactly one bar), 4/4, 12/8. This song is quite interesting because you hardly hear anything weird about it, until you start actively counting the beats. In my opinion, there are few songs that handle frequent time signature changes so well. Another nice example is the Apocalypse in ...


Grouping idea sounds good but to understand the odd time signatures feeling i would like to give you some examples: As we walk with a constant speed we could say that we are walking with a simple 2 beat time signature as in 2/4 or 6/8 or at some points 4/4. Imagine a cripple guy or some one who is shot in leg drags on of his feet on the ground. in this ...

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