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Clarity in a clean tone, that also doesn't sound 'weedy' and 'thin' can be difficult, however there are a couple of things you can (or should do) to get there, and none involves using a pedal. First of all know that distortion and overdrive are two different things. The classic way to achieve such tones are by playing through low wattage valve (or tube) ...


Re The track "My God is the Sun ~ Queens of the Stone Age" you mention: This is what I'm hearing .. Sounds like humbucker pickup guitar (eg Les Paul, or many other typew) as opposed to single coil pickup (eg Fender Strat) Two guitars playing together, often one string each. This means the distortion is only acting on that one string per guitar amp, so ...


Honestly, I don't think it makes much of a difference by itself. On cello, the standard way to mellow down the sound is to angle the bow towards yourself – but that has the opposite effect as on violin / viola, namely that only the hairs farthest away from the bridge touch the string. The important points seem to be Few hairs on the string, no ...


Use a heavier pick and attack the strings harder. I'm not a genius but I feel the heavier the pick, the less it bends off the string giving more of a cut between hits. I believe also the harder the pick the heavier the string attack giving more of a driven sound.

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