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May I suggest uploading to https://musescore.com/ ? It is easy to find these transcribed scores on google using your preferred search terms. Furthermore an account is free.


There have been musical compositions that transcribe the pitches in the patterns of human speech made in samples and recordings. Steve Reich's "Different Trains" is a well-known classical composition that has the members of a string quartet (the Kronos Quartet) playing the pitches transcribed from brief samples of recorded speech triggered by a sequencer.


I'm a bit of a stickler for language, so I would say that it is plainly impossible to play what someone says, though it is possible to imitate how they say it. Given today's fancy electronics, it should be a straightforward exercise to analyse and transcribe the various pitches, durations, and dynamics (etc) employed in speech. Composers were imitating ...


Sometimes, I do this with pupils. We have a sort of conversation, where one asks a question, and the other answers. we start with a simple question, which then gets played in a particular key. the answer is said, then played, using the rhythm of the words. Eventually, if it's going well, the conversation continues with question and answer just in musical ...


Here is a link to the Steve Vai song where he plays alongside one of his sisters' conversations. 2nd Question: I'm no linguist, but I would say that singing is merely speaking in a rhythm using elements of music, like harmony, rhyming, and counterpoint.


To build on NReilingh's great answer, anything* is transcribable. Transcription is just making music so that it can be communicated visually to another musician. Most conventional music makes a trade off between detail and legibility, with things like tempo, phrasing, and articulation rendered by general, fairly ambiguous symbols. Transcription focuses on ...


All transcribed notation is an approximation. The classic dots and stems are simply not adequate for many types of music. But before we even talk about transcription, consider that many composers have conceived of sounds that are far beyond the status quo -- often called the avant garde, but not necessarily so. Many of these composers have then invented ...

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