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For another fully featured commercial option for OS-X and for iPhone and iPad, check out Anytune. Anytune (on the Mac) is in the Mac App Store, and has a 30 day free trial available for download from the vendor's site. Anytune (for iOS) is available in a free version (with IAP) as well as a more fully featured version called Anytune Pro+. It's a terrific ...


You can use http://www.tunetranscriber.com to do this from your web browser without installing anything. Even works with some youtube videos.


I was going to leave a comment, but it turned out to be too long; I'll answer, but this is mostly advice based on what I think you're trying to do (as I think it's a great idea!): Signal processing Not trivial... especially if you want an application to be 'real time'. This answer on Signal Processing.SE gives some interesting feedback as to how frequency ...


You could try this rhythm training app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.civogames.rythmmaster it's quite similar to a lot of what I had to do in music school. Otherwise, there's progressive rhythm reading methods. I'm sure practicing reading rhythms will help with identifying them.


In version 1.2 there is menu item: Track->Lyrics that opens a dialog box, in which you can add/edit the text that appears below the tab(s). This seems to be the only way to access this feature (no toolbar button or hotkey). There is a corresponding section in the help documentation that describes how to use this feature.


I recently revisited justinguitar.com, and found that the website fits my needs even if it doesn't fit exactly the requirements I stated above: Categorized from simple to complex, so that I can start with simple single-note melodies and gradually move to chords, etc - The website's lessons start with songs with simple chord palettes to songs with more ...

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