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My favorites from Bach: WTC Book 1: Prelude in C Air on a G-string: actually it's Air in D (but transpose it to C and simply skip the notes for which you lack fingers) ... and some violin music: Sonatas and Partitas for Unaccompanied Violin - Sonata II, the Andante


Intro |4|4|4|4| |2| Verse |3|4|3|4| |3|4|3|4|4| Refrain |4|4|4|4| |4|4|4|4| |2| Vers |3|4|3|4| |3|4|3|4|4| Refrain |4|4|4|4| |4|4|4|4| etc. Well, the intro is like the refrain - straight 4 beats, then you have a little break of 2 quarters, verse is 4 groups of 7 quarters (3+4) ...


Lets get clarity on what syncopation is. Syncopation is at its core a emphasis on the weak part of a beat. If you would have syncopation in 4/4 time it would be something resembling this. The 4/4 Time signature would have the strong pulses on the 1 and third beats and by playing a long note on the second pulse you would be emphasizing a weak pulse. Now ...


No problem - The whole beginning of the tune is in a dorian mode. You can hear the voice singing the 'A'. Also from a functional structure it has the typical cadence i - VII - i (Cm - Bb - Cm). As to your question: The chord you hear is not 'Cm' but rather an 'Abmaj7' - so it is the bass who is bringing this new flavor of 'aeolian' into the game instead of ...


I've recently released a product called Musician's Practice Edge It is Windows only for the moment. MPE does video and audio slowdown. After 7-day free trial it goes into audio-only mode - which is free forever. In this mode you can still play back sound from videos, you just can't see them.


I will add my 2ยข into the answer for this. A highly related piece of software relevant to this is the CLAM project, which at its current stage is capable of deciphering chords being played in MP3, WAV, OGG, and other encodings. However, even commercial notation editors, like Sibelius, Finale, or even newer ones, like Cubase or Logic Pro, have yet to find an ...

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