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In terms of Liszt’s music, the label “piano transcription” is often misleading. Although Liszt did write many (relatively) faithful transcriptions, such as the Beethoven Symphony series, most of his derivative works were concert paraphrases or “enhanced” transcriptions, such as his version of Danse Macabre. Among piano composers, Liszt was one of the ...


He likely used the help of some software. I attempted doing this in FL Studio using the native VST Newtone. Steps: 1. Drag the WAV/MP3 file of the speech's audio into FL Studio. 2. Open the audio in Newtone. 3. Click the "Send to Piano Roll/Copy to midi clipboard" button. 4. Choose a Bass Instrument for the notes to be played on OR if ...


Thelonious Monk played many pieces at an easy pace. Your challenge with him will be figuring out his chords. Bud Powell also plays at a moderate pace and uses simple chord voicings. But if it's simple speed that's an issue for you then try Software that slows down music to help in transcribing


Wynton Kelly played a fairly simple, blues-influenced style. His solo on "Freddie the Freeloader" is a good first solo to learn.


When trying to find out the time signature, the first thing you do is try to find a strong beat. This beat is often the loudest or something significant will happen on the beat. Next, you count the rest of the beats in a bar before the next bar starts, so if you count 3 beats it might be in 3/4, or it might be in 4/4 if you count 4 beats ect. Additionally, ...

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