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Given the recording, it seems clear that the gliss markings are intended to convey "portamento with vibrato" -- this seems like a reasonable way to notate it, especially if there were footnotes or similar indicating that this is the effect. To me, the notation of "de-ba-ta" looks good; the "ba" syllable is a pick-up note leading into the ta syllable. ...


I have a book of Easy Dave Brubeck pieces for piano that is quite good for novice pianists. Of course everything is simplified but, the melodies and progressions are there. The book contains 20+ easily recognizable pieces. I doubt anyone will disagree with the idea that Brubeck is Jazz... ...


While "portamento" and "glissando" certainly mean different things, in everyday musical usage a rather large number of people use 'gliss' for a portamento sound. Sometimes you just have to decide which is a better fit to the piece of music in question, taking in mind the time period when it was composed as well as the 'mood' of the piece. In this ...


The only one I know of is noteflight.com It is an online composition community with a composing program built into the webpage. You can create and share your own pieces and get feedback from the community. And it's free.


Try Song Surgeon. I advise you to try their demo first before you grab a copy, their demo runs in full version mode so you can experience the full features.


Posted as an answer at the OP's request - though I'm not really sure I deserve the points for a 'point & shoot' software link ;-) Amazing Slow Downer Can adjust speed & pitch independently, & also select short segments to loop, allowing you to hammer away til you figure it out. Not free, $50 Sceenshot - Edit: One trick I've used in the past ...


I guess you could put some time and effort into ear training. It will definitely help you transcribe more accurately, but it will also boost most of your other musical skills. Not the funniest type of practice, but absolutely essential.


I always use Audacity for transcribing music. It's a free audio editor (for Mac and Windows). If necessary you can change the tempo, and you have a lot of other useful options. However, I've been transcribing music for many years and I've come to the conclusion that in most cases you just need to be able to select the difficult bit and be able to loop it ...

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