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As Ulf mentioned, the main problem is likely to be condensation. If it has been in a cold vehicle and then moved to a warm room condensation is likely to form. This in itself isn't generally a problem, as it will evaporate again once the amp and components warm up to room temperature, but if you turn the amp on before the condensation is gone you can easily ...


This is maybe not exactly an answer to your question, but still: I once left my GK bass combo in a truck in -30°C (-22°F) over night (in Finland). When I took it in and turned it on the next morning there was a loud bang with a flash, and it went dead. It was a chip that exploded, supposedly from a short circuit caused by moisture. I shouldn't have left it ...


This is a good question as transpositions notoriously trip people up. First off, Wagner's not playing any tricks, and you've got the right octave, so rest easy. :) The "normal" Bb clarinet's lowest written note is E2 which will sound as you described one whole-step lower than written pitch (D2.) The A clarinet has the same written range as the Bb ...


I tend to take a Hohner G3T when camping or travelling . Full scale neck, and about as compact as you can get: Snapdragon have an interesting range (I haven't used them): And the foldaway Aria Sinsonido probably wins on packed away size:

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