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I doubt this will be an issue, but there are plenty of ways to connect your guitar to an mobile phone. I'm guessing the electric violin outputs the same signal, so it can be used in a guitar amplifier. If so, you could use one of those together with your smartphone, and some sort of sound will be produced. Or even simpler, use one of those portable practice ...


I've never done this before -- my one time taking an instrument during travel, it was a POS acoustic I cared nearly nothing about -- but when I see musicians talk about short-trip travel, they tend to bring an instrument and a pedalboard and rent a back-line. I'd look into renting a DJ rig rather than travelling with your own.


I asked my friends on Facebook too and got several recommendations for miniature amplifiers like the Roland Micro Cube the irig (though I don't use an iPhone) or the Amplug but then one friend pointed out that headphones suffice to demonstrate the difference between the electric violin turned off and the electric violin turned on and many of us ...


This security change in Airport exists because they fear that the batteries might have been replaced by explosives or that the device might be a fake one, so they ask you to switch on your electronic device in order to check that it's a real battery and a "real" working device. Moreover, the targeted devices are mostly phones, tablets and laptops (I even ...

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