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I played trombone for 6 years and was pretty good compared to my peers. I stopped playing when I graduated HS in 1986 and started picking it up in 2013. Yes, that is 27 years later. Since last year I average about 3 hours a week. My suggestion is to practice for about 3 hours a week for 2 weeks. Then record your self, but have a bucket standing by to ...


I don't know for brass, but when I was a youngster studying fife, my instructor told us to practice inflating carrots.


You really need to get more specific than "mouth muscles". The formation of your mouth and lips that is used to create a tone on the mouthpiece is called your embouchure (colloquially referred to as "chops" by many musicians). Once you identify what this is and what it feels like, as well as which muscles exactly are being used, it basically amounts to ...


I'm going to start as if you have already played a brass instrument and have some knowledge of them. As a former trumpet player and teacher I found that if you copy the same position and feeling w/o a mouthpiece as with a mouthpiece you can get great benefit. Trombone or trumpet. So practice the same embouchure w/o the mouthpiece. Form the same shape w/ the ...

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