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Pistons should be pretty close to silent. If you have a Yamaha or similar trumpet that has a tighter tolerance than other pistons, you can try using a thinner piston oil. If you have an older ("Classic") trumpet, the tolerance will be greater and you'll need to use a thicker oil. I, and my repair techs, recommend hetman oils for tight tolerance horns. I ...


It's not a defect. Imagine if you were to submerge a ring in soapy water and then pull it out you'd often get a sheet of bubble membrane across the ring. That's pretty much what's happening inside your trumpet valve. When you depress a valve, a bubble membrane made of valve oil can form across the airway that's opening, and when it pops (the oil film is even ...


I would sand it down slighty so that it could go in easier. I exhale air into my bell (fogging up) to help it stay in.

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