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Harry, I think I understand what you're saying and what you're trying to achieve when you say "trying a bit," "musical direction," and "forward push," but I think the answer may be the opposite of what you may think it is. Musical direction and meaning doesn't come from individual notes, but from the relationship of one note to another, one phrase to ...


Write for the Bb trumpet. Accept that the player may choose to play the part on a C trumpet. Write for the A clarinet if you want its subtly different tone colour and slightly lower range. Don't worry about making sharp keys easier. Today's music is freely chromatic. The players can cope.


Yes, both are common, and are the predominant instruments in modern American orchestras. For clarinets, the most commonly used are A, Bb, and Eb; for trumpets, C, Bb, D/Eb, and A/Bb (piccolo). (In other parts of the world, mainly Great Britain and Russia, the Bb trumpet is most widely used.) In the US, by far, the A clarinets and C trumpets are most common. ...

1 2 trumpets; 3 trumpets You're really only limited by the arrangements.. and even then you could easily double on parts.

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