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Yes, the positions correspond. That doesn't necessarily mean that you won't have to reconsider physical finger positions a little, because the spacing between notes is so much tighter, and you'll actually have more notes within reach from a given hand position.


I've used one in a normal covers rock band, and found it great fun, but not massively flexible. They don't sound like a conventional bass guitar as the sound doesn't have a lot of highs or sustain, but you can get a nice mellow double bass-like sound out of them, and the close fret spacing also allows the playing of very tight, fast bass parts with very ...


I think it really depends on the setting! For a coffeehouse acoustic gig it might be the ideal instrument. There is a lot of discussion about them on bass guitar forums, which makes me think that the bass community, at least, considers them to be legit. From my time as a bassist I know that 95% of the audience don't even count how many strings you are ...


Their sound is pretty solid. They don't sound 100% like a electric bass guitar, but they don't sound that different. To an untrained ear, I think this difference will pass unnoticed. They are being used in more than just gimmicks. People use them like they would use a normal bass guitar: ...

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