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Our voices are lower in the morning because the vocal cords and the subtle musculature which surrounds our larynx are in a state of relaxation from resting the voice overnight. In my case I used to sing professionally as a bass in a nine a.m. choir then as a tenor, my legitimate range, at the 11:00 service. In order to have the bass notes for the 9:00 ...


Just keep doing the exercises. At least you then have the proper reflexes and control and vocal cord resilience for the time when the depth is there. Which may eventually lower the barrier when it isn't readily.


Being tone deaf is a myth usually propagated by inferior teachers. If a teacher tells you or a person you know that he cannot do music because he is tone deaf then it speak less about the persons music ability and more to the teachers inability. It is often symptomatic of teachers who do not want to go the extra mile for pupils who struggle. I have seen ...

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