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I have two answers, but first a caveat: I'm a singer, and I firmly believe that, as a singer, a solid technique should let you sing in any style — but rap isn't really my thing (like, I don't even recognize the name "Mike Shinoda"), so my advice is going to be about basic, healthy vocal technique in general (especially for men, which I'm guessing you are one ...


Singing is of course something requiring training and/or endurance. If you ask "how do I get to run a marathon", the answer will involve lots of running. That being said, if you are hoarse/strained after two or three songs, that's comparable about being shot after going up two stories of stairs. If that's your starting point of doing a marathon, either ...


I think I know what you mean, I've faced the same issues from time to time. As I understand you're not a professional singer. Yes, a voice should become stronger over time as you train more. The muscles that control your voice will indeed get a bit stronger but to be honest I don't think singing should be compared to weightlifting for example. It's more ...


I have the same issue. A friend of mine gave me a tip which helped me. Try to sing from deeper down your throat. It is hard to explain, but basically, by doing so, you will stress your upper part of the throat less.

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