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Often when a jack socket comes loose, the owner keeps tightening it from outside. This makes the wire attached to the part of the socket which is either inside the guitar body, or under the scratchplate, to turn round. It will only go so far before it either breaks or shorts or touches another component. Sounds like you need to get at the inside part of that ...


A few things I can tell you, the first and most obvious is the cable. If you can decrease the hum/buzz by touching ANY metal parts and/or strings, then your guitar ground wiring is probably "OK", meaning it is probably as good as the manufacturer took the time to make it. But a crappy cable will always make things a lot worse, especially in an electrically ...


The basic grounding wire for the strings may be with the string holder accessible when unscrewing the back panel from the guitar. That's where mine sits.


One thing worth mentioning is that loudspeaker impedances are minimum values over the frequency range and vary over frequency. The frequency response is for a given voltage. A consequency of this is that two loudspeakers of different build put in series may not divide the voltage up evenly between themselves. So whatever arrangement you end up forming, ...

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