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If it's trying to play lower octave notes, then that means the register key is not working. It simply shouldn't be easy to play in the first octave with the key pressed. If the key mechanism is working, the hole might be gummed up.


The only two things that come to mind are trying a new reed, your reed may be chipped (but, if you can play in the lower register, I doubt it (worth a shot though)) or that the octave key is not lifting the pad completely away from the hole (on an oboe, you'd probably have to take it to a repair person). Other than that, there might be a more complex ...


Playing D with the correct fingering should be easy enough. If you think this is awkward or slow you should try the clarinet, or for some real fun, the bassoon. :) Trying to get it some other way is going to not be worth the effort and not sound right and probably be out of tune. Using the alternate fingering for E (with the jump key) should be used ...

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