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Irish whistle (aka pennywhistle aka tin whistle) is not only the easiest to learn, it's also the probably the only musical instrument in the world where you can get a professional level instrument for around US$20. A great starter site for Irish whistle is Chiff and Fipple.


I have an EWI as well, but don't get to use it very often. I'm about in the same situation as you. Here's another EWI-related question that you might find interesting: What is needed for an electric woodwind?. Some of my answer here may overlap with things I said there. I briefly tried the flute fingering a while back, but I generally keep it on the ...


Not an EWI-specific answer - but instead some more general suggestions on practice: It's easy to be defeated when we tell ourselves we're terrible. The truth is more likely to be that our playing technique is mostly OK, but that there are certain techniques that we find hard and need to be improved. So try to be really forensic and analytical, and see if ...


Well, "non-reed" eliminates most of the woodwind family, leaving only the flute family. Recorder is pretty easy. There's a reason it's the instrument of choice for elementary school music programs. It takes zero embouchure (mouth position/strength) and almost no air support--you pretty much just blow into it gently and it works. Other recorder-like ...


I'm going to bet the recorder fits this bill.

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