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Love to program, favorite language is C++. Also very interested in Game Design, Computer & Electrical Engineering and Database Design.

I hold a BS in Computer Science with a Physics Minor from Long Island University C.W. Post Campus where I tutored CS for 3 years. I am currently attending NYU Poly for my MS in Computer Engineering.

I have worked in the past for a direct mail company as a developer of in house software using .NET and SQL Server. I have also worked for a medium sized credit card processor developing a mobile merchant tool for tracking records (transactions, batches, chargebacks etc).

answered What instrument is this?
comment How did “Mary had a little lamb” become popular blues?
Well, just a hunch but looking at the form of blues (AAB), Mary Had a Little Lamb seems to fit that quite well. Mary had a little lamb, mary had a little lamb, who's fleece was white as snow.
answered Is there a computer program to transcribe songs to sheet music?
comment Should guitar be de-tuned when not in use…?
The bridge should not be doing that, even with the guitar tuned up. Having the guitar tuned down too much for too long as actually worse for the guitar, as the neck needs to be under that constant tension.
comment How do you compose using the chromatic scale?
Holy Wars, The Punishment Due :)
comment Are there any games useful for ear training?
@horatio Well of course, it just picks up on the frequencies of the input source. If you know the fretboard however (but not necesarrily what each note sounds like), this would still help train your ear to those frequencies.
answered What instruments are inexpensive, portable and not too loud?
comment Should I mute “unwanted” strings or not when playing power chords?
True, they will still produce sound (harmonics at the 7th fret for example), but typically they get drowned out by the notes you intended to play anyway. I notice a lot of time when I play the Bark at the Moon intro, I hit an extra string sometimes, but I never actually hear it. I think Chris Broderick may have mentioned this in his Chaos Theory videos. Of course I am for improving your accuracy, it helps with your overall control. If people would work on this more, maybe they would shy away from anchoring.
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comment Why do minor keys sound “sad”?
@seanreads True, but these overtones exist in nature, regardless of the origins of music. Therefore, we're in a way in-tune with it. The major key is pretty much understood globally to be one of happiness, it's not a culture thing. I also don't think minor should be categorized as sad, but rather as emotional. It plays with your emotions, sometimes making you feel sad, other times making you feel a sense of power. Most metal pieces are minor and quite often, they give that sense of power I'm referring to.
answered Should I mute “unwanted” strings or not when playing power chords?
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