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comment Do musicians count the meter all the time?
As a percussionist.. Carl is right
comment Completely computer music: good or bad?
I believe he is referring to music such as Dubstep and Techno. I think they are on the same level of skill depending on the musician. A lot of theory go into these songs, despite what people think - Yes, you don't know to know anything about theory to make dubstep, but you don't need to know anything about guitar to pick it up and work out a song. The more developed the musician is, the more developed the music is.
comment Getting started with an electric guitar and Rocksmith as an absolute beginner
Considering most people who start playing guitar at this age don't become rock stars or jazz musicians, I myself believe it is a good tool for beginners.
comment Can you hammer on from 7th to 0?
@Jaanus You can play to 0 on some other string (for 7/0 on the E you can play 12/5 on the E.. but, that's kind of out of the way).. what I meant by not just pull off, is that that open 'E' sound is usually not going to be heard. If you slide down a bit, and Lightly pull your finger downwards off of the string, that E sound is going to ring, and not just be faintly there. If you slide down to 3 or so and then do that, it would probably sound better. But, this is all personal preference.
comment How can I play this passage on classical guitar?
You could just use a different finger.
comment Trouble keeping time to a beat
Maybe searching for ' The Eastman System of Counting' would explain the method
comment Using Amplitube for iPad on stage
iPads use SSDs (solid state harddrives), so vibrations won't matter. Also, if you want to plug other effects into the chain, just plug them into the chain after the iPad, so that it won't have to process the signal.
comment Small bugs in my classical guitar
Those glue eating bugs might not be the problem though, it could be something else. There are also two good suggestions here, about taking the bugs somewhere to look at ( disregard the stupid posts and termite ones / spraying pesticides until you know for sure what they are, they could damage your instrument. ( acapella.harmony-central.com/…! )
comment Small bugs in my classical guitar
I looked around the web a bit, and I found these ( archivesalberta.org/vol16_3/cory.htm ) which come out during cold weather and eat glue ( they say normally books, but it could be instruments Iassume )
comment A guitar won't stay in tune, also dirty pickup selector
The crackling isn't persistent, it is only when switching pickups, so I think I will try some compressed air or contact cleaner. As for the strings, the guage HAS been changed lately, except to a lighter guage. The guitar doesn't have alocking nut and the string are able to freely fit through the saddle. The strings aren't the problem, so I think it is possible the neck warping or wear on the bridge springs. The whammy, however, is rarely used at all and shouldn't be too stretched or used. Once I get a look at it tonight I will be able to post some more details.