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comment Sousaphone repair suggestions
It's possible to replate it after soldering it, but I don't know the details of how it's done. Local music stores that sell band instruments can usually do that.
comment Digital Pianos vs Old Upright Pianos for classical music
I've had a Yamaha P60 on an ocean-going sailboat for several years and it's as good as new. Not as good as a new acoustic piano, but still good. Good advice on having it checked out by a tuner. Even if the piano is cheap or free, it's worth it.
comment Digital Pianos vs Old Upright Pianos for classical music
That's true, but I have used old pianos that are so far out of whack that it is nothing but a distraction to play them. It would be a good idea to play the old upright (or get someone else to, if the buyer is a beginner) for a while, loudly and softly, to see how what the action is like and how it holds the tuning.
comment Will changing my grip help avoid wrist pain?
Actually, ibuprofen isn't just pain relief. It reduces inflammation, which can cause problems by tightening things in the carpal tunnel. (A Dr. would know for sure -- don't just listen to some yahoo on the internet.)
comment Are “The Carnival of the Animals” and “Danse Macabre” the same piece?
Good point - you're right.