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comment What to look for when buying a digital piano for a beginner?
In my experience as a teacher, no student who had a digital piano stayed with it. This may be correlation and not causation, but it was 100% reliable, no matter how "dedicated" the student tried to be.
comment How many keys should I require for a keyboard for ABRSM piano exams?
"I want a digital piano so I can do my ABRSM"... two bad decisions already in the subject :)
comment Why do we need modes?
Modes, like all music theory, are there to describe things people are already doing. They were not invented to give people new things to do.
comment How to hit four notes in a single beat with 2 hands for drum
Open hi-hat with foot = stomp it like it's hot.
comment What is the cost of ISRC Codes?
Additionally, why do you want an ISRC? You can just put your songs online and charge people for them. Unless you still believe in 'the record industry' this code isn't worth paying for. Do you have a specific thing you want to do that requires an ISRC?
comment What are some good/interesting ways to exit a circle of fifths section?
Trying to break out in the middle, without just totally going off the rails :)
comment What factors to consider when inventing a new (lab) instrument?
@leftaroundabout agreed, but isn't that one of the limitations of the instruments you mention? I've played some beautiful concerts in remote locations with no power. Wouldn't it be great if a new instrument could play in that situation? (Edit also added to clarify how I'm treating this question differently from @NReilingh)