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comment How to produce the sound at the beginning of this song?
Could you provide an excerpt of that part, for those of us who don't know about the song?
comment Confused with Harmonica
Wikipedia has the information you need. If your harmonica is not a C harmonica, you just need to transpose accordingly (i.e. move everything up or down by X half-tones).
comment List of average genre tempo (BPM) levels?
The name is pretty self-explanatory and the OP knows what he's looking for. I must be missing something.
comment Does one play a song better after “sleeping on it”?
I think this is a special case of a more general phenomenon; I've found that the same thing happens to me when programming (wake up and fix bug almost immediately), or playing games (going back to that frustrating passage after a few days of trying hard in vain and nailing it) -- or sometimes doing research. I'm not sure how on-topic the subject of the causes is, but I'm definitely interested in hearing more on that from more qualified people.
comment Why does my piano keyboard sound dull?
I tried it a while ago on headphones, I thought the piano sound was great -- but then again, we may have different standards. Did you like the sound when you tried it in the shop? I find it strange that you would have to tweak it to make it sound acceptable... Are you using the keyboard by itself? on an amplifier? on headphones?
comment Guitar choosing
I don't think you should focus on having your guitar tuned by default, since (1) you can do it yourself with a guitar tuner (they come cheap) (2) you'll eventually have to retune your guitar every once in a while.
comment How do I finger these descending treble fifths?
@Babu: Strange, I don't have that problem. Here are the links anyway. V1: and V2:
comment Should pedals be used when playing classical piano music?
Can you point to your sources? I haven't played classical music in a very long time, but I recall countless pieces that explicitly instructed the performer to rely on pedals. As to whether modern classical pianists do use them, a quick search for recent classical competitions on YouTube should help you answer that.
comment In what order should I learn all the theoretical concepts for piano?
I'd rather try and find pieces I enjoy hearing and that sound like I could learn something new from them and derive some partial order from that instead of trying to be so exhaustive. I fail to see the point of the latter approach; but then that's just me.
comment Piano technique: Repetitions and oscillations
This is not a piano technique-oriented answer, but as an answer to another question, I advised using a Powerball every now and then to strengthen wrists.
comment How can I get the instrumentals for a song?
@Pacerier: I've tried with mp3s from various sources, some work, some don't, but even with CD's, it doesn't seem to work all the time. You just have to give it a try. I'm interested in hearing back from your trials anyway.
comment How can I learn to growl?
I won't post it as an answer since I never tried, but do those videos on YouTube help?
comment How does the use of tablatures impact one's learning and sight-reading abilities?
@Monica Cellio: Right now I'm tabbing (parts of) The Real Book, but later on I intend to play with people who will just throw a bunch of chords at me and expect me to play based on that. And I wonder whether getting used to "play by numbers" will prevent me from knowing what I'm actually doing -- or should be doing (I'm probably exaggerating, but you hopefully get the idea).
comment What scale is this? ( A B C# D E F G A)
These are exactly the notes from the D minor scale, are you only confused because you start and finish on A? Or am I misunderstanding something?
comment How to learn many musical instruments?
Great answer, very inspiring and encouraging.
comment Where can I find jazz piano scales to practice?
This question is at least related, in particular the part about "The Real Book" volumes (the copies I have do not offer scales, but I don't think deducing them from the tons of nice songs they offer should be a problem). I'm not commenting about the "The Jazz Piano Book" because I don't know it.
comment How to play a song without making mistakes?
I fully agree with that. And yes, every performer on any instrument will make a mistake some day; if you're good enough, you'll fix it by making it part of another musical phrase. If you can't, get over it, move on, what's done is done, nobody cares anymore. Whatever you do, don't interrupt your performance.
comment When was the first recorded usage of a musical score?
Indeed. I just did.
comment Are tools to help improve finger dexterity, strength and speed really useful?
Well, they indeed sell this as a fitness device aimed at increasing wrist and forearm strength, but I noticed that I could last longer when playing demanding bass lines (e.g. boogie). Dumbbells target higher zones if I'm not mistaken, although it depends on how you use them. The main difference with dumbbells I think is that I feel no strain after using a powerball, even the next day.
comment When was the first recorded usage of a musical score?
Are you looking for something earlier than what Wikipedia describes?