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I'm a software developer for SmartyStreets, an address verification software company.

comment Strength of clarinet plastic reeds compared to wooden
I think Carl is making the point that a conductor should make recommendations to accomplished players toward improving the sound and balance ("more presence from the winds please!") but it's the job of the players to figure out how to implement the directions of the conductor ("hmm, maybe a stronger reed would facilitate projection of sound..."). I'm a clarinetist as well, with a degree in music education so I've sat in the players chair and wielded the conductors baton. At the beginner level, the conductor should give more specific instruction ("you need to replace that floppy, moldy reed!").
comment A Major Key Song for a Sad Lyrics - a Mismatch?
I beg to differ on website coding not being artistic. There are technical elements to it but designers of websites care very very much about aesthetics. I could conversely argue that there are lots of technical elements in musical composition.