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comment Blowing Low Notes on the Transverse Flute
I noticed those little things, in fact I was able to make some sounds belonging to another octave more easily than trying to make the lower ones sound. I read quite a number of things online about the jaw position, the sounding across the hole, sending the flux "downward" and etc, but it seems that I haven't perfected it yet. Thank you for your answer, it helped me to clarify some of the hunches I had for the technique, like the jaw placing and the air direction.
comment Is it possible for a left hander to learn guitar right handed?
I have that kind of feeling too, that I might be a little slow if I decide to go the righty way instead of the natural one. But as I stated before, I really would like the idea of being capable of jamming anywhere, not only when I'm with my custom guitar, although that might be thinking to much ahead. If you managed to survive and overcome your problem with the right-handed violin, I guess I could try it out.
comment Is it possible for a left hander to learn guitar right handed?
Thanks for pointing, the answers there were very helpful, I guess it is just a matter of trying out and finding which one is best, although my main concern was, like many pointed out, the strumming, which I felt could be easier with the left hand. I guess I'll be experimenting with it very soon.