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I'm 71, retired. I do nearly all my own work...adjustments, replacing pickups, tuners, nuts, saddles, bridges. I don't rout guitars to retrofit tremolos. I don't do inlay, either.

Own a Les Paul, U.S. Strat Ultra, Line 6 Variax 700 Acoustic, Optek Fretlight, Martin D12-35 w/28 neck by Martin, and a Taylor 810CE. Also own a Roscoe Beck V bass w/tremolo by HipShot. The first guitar I owned was a project guitar, and eventually I threw it away, having learned a bunch of lessons really well. The biggest was that you shouldn't try to make a jazz guitar into one with a cut-out in the high register. I found I don't enjoy re-wiring hollow-bodies, also!

Have a boat-load of effects and 4 amps, including a Bose LT-1.

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