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I'm the director of site reliability at Stack Exchange. I'm also the co-author of the bosun monitoring system and sometimes blogger on the Server Fault Blog.


comment Appropriate temperament for violin
@leftaroundabout: Updated my answer with thoughts on that aspect.
comment What are the most effective ear training methods ?
Raskolnikov: Can't think of anything off hand. Honestly, with the method I think of for this I software might be more of a hindrance than a help. I recommend the three volumes of Dannhauser starting with volume 1 (amazon.com/Solfege-Solf%C3%A8ges-Book-1-Dannhauser/dp/…). Remember, don't play the tunes before singing them. Just get the root note of the scale from the piano (as infrequently as possible) and find all the notes based off of that.
comment How to play a song without making mistakes?
As a side note, my method of using voting SE sites is not to down vote something unless it is wrong (as a matter of fact) or is just poorly written. Since this is neither, I personally wouldn't down vote this answer.
comment How to handle a newly purchased score book that won't stay opened?
I've also seen a lot of spiral binding used to replace the original binding.