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FIRST and above all, an explanation must do justice to the thing that is to be explained, must not devaluate it, interpret it away, belittle it, or garble it, in order to make it easier to understand. The question is not "At what view of the phenomenon must we arrive in order to explain it in accordance with one or another philosophy?" but precisely the reverse: "What philosophy is requisite if we are to live up to the subject, be on a level with it?" The question is not how the phenomenon must be turned, twisted, narrowed, crippled so as to be explicable, at all costs, upon principles that we have once and for all resolved not to go beyond. The question is: "To what point must we enlarge our thought so that it shall be in proportion to the phenomenon..."

Schelling, Philosophie der Mythologie. qtd. in V. Zuckerkandl, Sound and Symbol.

"Heartache" is a poeticism, but here it becomes an actual fact because his pride would not let him suffer the pain in his soul. The "lump in the throat," the so-called globus hystericus, comes, as everyone knows, from swallowed tears. His consciousness had simply withdrawn from contents that were too painful to him, and these, left to themselves, could reach consciousness only indirectly, as symptoms. All this was a rationally understandable and perfectly intelligible process, which could just as well have passed off consciously, had it not been for his masculine pride.

The Portable Jung, p.31

The conviction of ignorance is a necessary first step to the acquisition of knowledge, for no one is going to seek knowledge on any subject if he is under the delusion that he already possesses it.

W.K.C. Guthrie. The Greek Philosophers from Thales to Aristotle.

... practically all the religions we know might be defined as state-specific technologies, operated in the service of a priori belief systems.

Charles T. Tart

What's your name?
You must have a name.
Of course.
I'm not just anybody.
What's so hard?
Just a name!
If you want,
spell it backwards.
What's your name?
You must feel better already.
Spelled like the bird?
Yes, Raven.
- First name?
- Ralph.
What did you say?
Keep writing.
Refugee... victim
of robbers and horse thieves...
beginner... sensitive... destitute...
specialist and layman
all in one, you might say.
One thing at a time, Mr. Raven.
Where do you live?
Where do you sleep?
Around? Here and there?
The pizzeria, "Casa dell'Angelo."
You sleep in the oven, I suppose?
- You don't believe me?
- No!

Film: Faraway, So Close! (In Weiter Ferne So Nah)

comment Low E buzz troubleshooting
Indeed, This article suggests this procedure may lead to problems with a piezo system.
comment Ideal Cowbell Placement
Who's gonna do the Christopher Walken impression?
comment What type of strings to use for easier bending in fast solos?
That's probably the other end of the spectrum, but raises an important point: tension is related to the travel-distance necessary to achieve the pitch. Higher tension->bends are harder (requires more force) but also shorter.
comment What type of strings to use for easier bending in fast solos?
I think it's psychologically easier with 24 frets, so you can fret the note and hear it and it's easier for your ear to know that the bend is right. But physically, it should not make much difference.
comment What type of strings to use for easier bending in fast solos?
Good point. I've replaced that part.
comment How to practice guitar in apartment with paper thin walls?
learn to play along with hip-hop backing tracks. :)
comment How long would it take to learn to tune a piano?
You can get a loud sound from a tuning fork by touching the ball end to the wood of the piano (while the fork is singing).
comment What's the purpose of a sound post?
I've heard that having a sound post is also essential for tuning the wolf tones.
comment How do I tune my cello to play the second Bach suite(prelude)?
+1 very inform(ed/ative) as per usual.
comment What factors affect a guitar's ability to sustain a note?
I'd agree that this deserves more investigation. Perhaps a multivariable comparison, gauge vs. wrapping-metal vs. wire-shapes (hex- and non-hex- core, round- and flat- wound). But I don't think anyone is ignoring the tensile force, since it's essential for the vibratory motion.
comment What made Mozart unique as an improviser?
I saw a Chick Corea concert on tv years ago where he improvised an overture before playing some Mozart. Too lazy to look it up.
comment Automatic transcription software with ABC output for Android devices?
@WheatWilliams There is mention of this notation in our meta question about computer notation: meta.music.stackexchange.com/a/75/1344
comment Did any player pianos use card decks?
Some discussion of player-pianos in a "steampunk" context: deadmedia.org/notes/6/064.html
comment Why is the ''backbeat'' called the ''rock beat''?
The "classical version" of rocking is in 3/4, exemplified by Schubert's Gretchen am Spinrade.
comment Are the highest pitches always the easiest to hear in a musical texture?
It is a physical stimulus of course, but a psychological response. The Fletcher-Munson measurements, and the subsequent refinements AFAICT are based on reports from human subjects. It can be correlated to physically measurable features of the stimulus, but the effect itself transpires in the hearing and not in the physics.
comment What are the principles for improvising over an ostinato?
One of my recent favs in this form is Wang Dang Doodle
comment How to rosin a bow?
+1 Welcome to the site. I've heard (and discovered to be true) that brand new rosin can be too shiny to actually transfer anything to a new bow. I used a pocket knife to rough up the surface to get more of the stuff onto the bow. Your suggestion of sandpaper would accomplish much the same, but perhaps more controlled than using a knife.
comment Playing on white notes only
+1 This question is also useful for very limited instruments, like the zither, or the monotron in its major scale mode.
comment Instruments that challenge your ear
I was inspired by your post to buy a Monotron. I've written some initial impressions in the chatroom.
comment Double Sharps And Double Flats
For the theoretical exercise part, what if you were harmonizing a chromatic passing tone? That could move a major 7th to a doubly-diminished. maybe.