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Pravin Started programming with C/C++, then moved into .NET technology. He wrote his first .NET application using VS2003 (.NET 1.1). Has worked in VS2005, VS2008, VS2010 since then.

Pravin specializes in Windows, Web, Distributed Systems Development with emphasis on Design Patterns and Software Architecture. He has developed many websites - Explore My School being the latest.

Pravin is born and brought up in Nasik, India. He has completed BE Computer and now doing MS in Software Systems. He has achieved MCP, MCTS and MCPD certifications from microsoft. He writes technology articles at his blog - TechMyView. He is a very active contributer to online forums - Codeproject, Stack Overflow, Programmers, Code Golf, Code Review, Microsoft Forums.

Other than Technical stuff Pravin is very much passionate about music. He plays Guitar and Mouth Organ. Visit his profile at Indian Guitar Tabs, Music Stackexchange. He is also an avid reader. He likes to complete at least one book per week. He writes the book reviews at his blog Book Reviews - An Avocation Recapitulated as Blog.

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That is a very nice answer.... For a 10 hole diatonic harmonica notes and hole position are well documented on the net, but then how to find the same for 12 hole or more hole harmonica....? How do I know which hole belongs to which note for a more than 10 hole harmonica.... I understand the scales, I can play the guitar as well....
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Nice answer and very well put...
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But then how do I take care of lifted bridge issue? Is lifted bridge normal in acoustic guitars?