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About Me

Cofounder of JCD Web Development. With one of my colleagues as a mentor, I have been striving towards a mastery in Web Development. Our business strives to fulfill server side maintenance that meet your needs.

Feel free to send an email if you have any questions reguarding JCD's services.

Current Skills

  • Advanced C++
  • HTML / CSS
  • PHP / MySQL
  • Javascript / JQuery / AJAX
  • Basic Ruby

comment How do you compose using the chromatic scale?
Thank you. That was very informative.
comment Online counterpoint materials
Don't forget that your local library is full of books that you can check out for free! Libraries nowaday are modernized. At my library I am able to search for music books online and then reserve those books for pickup.
comment How can I easily translate between a key and a key signature?
I personally like the "Fat Cats Go Down Alleys Eating Bugs" and "BEAD - Go Call Fred".
comment What should I do about composing 'soft' accents for piano?
The notation is a bit strange, but it works. Thanks.
comment Fast Chord Identification
@Andrew It was in reference to reading piano sheetmusic chords.
comment How do you compose tuplets against straight notes?
@Rein Henrichs Oh no, I just worded that poorly. I ment to say that "I'm sure professional musicians don't randomly plug in tulets" like Chopin! I know that he knew what he was doing and I wanted to know more about techniques these composers used.