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Avid Emacs and Vim hacker (I use Emacs with Evil to get the best of both worlds ;)

I'm experienced with Python, C#, Java, and Javascript, and have dabbled in C++, C, objective-C, Lisp, Ruby, Ocaml, and Scala. While I have a keen interest for all things code, I'm especially interested in the design and creation of programming languages themselves.

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Formerly known as @CrazyJugglerDrummer.

comment What are the pros and cons of Traditional Grip vs. Matched Grip for snare and drumset?
The same thing is true of learning matched grip after you've done traditional for many years. I agree that it doesn't make much sense to learn the other unless you are somehow unsatisfied with your current grip. :)
comment How to reliably execute a snare drum rimshot?
@Mark I've never found a practice pad I couldn't hit a psuedo-rimshot on; There's always a way to hit the pad with the shoulder of the stick and not the tip to produce a different sound. There's no rim actually involved, but getting the perfect stick angle is what's important, and this is a great way to practice that. :D
comment Keeping both hands (and arms) strong for better stick control
Are you concerned about drum-set playing or rudimental playing? the answers will be slightly different.