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comment Rhythm guitar techniques for a great Blues/Blues Rock player
Yes, agree with @horatio - think of tabs as a starting point.
comment Is it good/bad to play guitar with low tension string?
Concert pitch is where the A is tuned to 440Hz. Essentially the default tuning you'd get with a digital tuner, pitch pipe, or tuning fork. A double bass is also known as a string bass, bass viol, contrabass, or bull fiddle, and is basically the big honkin' string instrument found behind the cellos in an orchestra or thumpin' away on the bass line in a jazz, bluegrass, or klezmer band.
comment What is the true definition of Drop C tuning?
Agreed that entry could use improvement. OTOH, the Drop D article is quite a bit better:
comment Why are the notes in a key signature in a specific order?
@Gauthier "Circle of fifths" is indeed the most common reference, and if read clockwise in sharps you do indeed ascend in fifths (FCGDAEB). Many refer to the counterclockwise reading of the same chart as the "circle of fourths," as then you're ascending in fourths (BEADGCF). But arguably and as you well stated, the same could be said of just descending in fifths rather than ascending in fourths. At any rate, simply referring to it as the circle of fifths does just fine in all contexts, in my opinion. ;)