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AudioPump, Inc. Projects (internet radio)

Analytics Connector - Connects your SHOUTcast servers to your Google Analytics account, allowing you to monitor your website and streams in one place.

Stream Metadata API - Simple RESTful web service for accessing real-time metadata from internet radio streams.

Consulting - Contact me at brad@audiopump.co for vendor-neutral streaming media advice.

Other Projects

WiiMusic.net - An internet radio player for Nintendo's Wii that utilizes jQuery for the interface and Flash in the background for audio playback.

MindMaster MIDI/DMX - Software that interfaces with consumer EEG hardware to translate brainwave patterns into controls for MIDI and DMX to control synthesizers and intelligent lighting fixtures. Interfaces to USB HID hardware, as well as common MIDI devices and USB-serial controlled DMX interfaces.

Laptop Theft Prevention - Uses the accelerometer in IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad series laptops as an anti-theft alarm. Sends alerts over e-mail/SMS.

Color Filter - Enables people with scotopic sensitivity syndrome to use a computer for longer periods of time by placing a simple color overlay on top of applications. Can be calibrated to the user's specific color needs.

New Chrome Session - Launches a completely blank Google Chrome session with its own cookies, cache, and history. Enables one-click testing of login functions, as well as logging on to multiple accounts on services such as Gmail and Facebook.

Can You Ping Me Now? - Simple website for determining if your Internet connection is working properly. Utilizes Socket.IO... not actual ICMP ping packets.

comment What are the advantages of WAV vs. MP3?
@Charles I understand this is a simplification. I think that it would be better to explain an accurate simplification, that's all. When I explain this to musicians, I often talk about how some sounds are masked by louder sounds and how MP3 will use this masking to remove some of the sound. They usually understand that example.
comment What are the advantages of WAV vs. MP3?
See also: sound.stackexchange.com/a/30401/7209 sound.stackexchange.com/a/25946/7209
comment What are the advantages of WAV vs. MP3?
Your comment about throwing out sample 6T would be accurate if you were talking about differential PCM. MP3 doesn't work like this at all. The fundamental difference is that MP3 works in the frequency domain and not in the time domain. We actually perceive sound in the frequency domain, so by converting the sampled sound there, the algorithms for removing sound information that we are less likely to perceive can do their work.
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