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I have a deep love for music. Not a single day goes by where I don't sing or play an instrument or pick apart songs or anything music related.

I have 9+ Years experience with guitar.
I have 7+ Years experience with trumpet.
I have around 4 months of formal training with voice.

These are my achievements, and I am proud of them. I have a goal of being able to play most common instruments. I can somewhat play a baritone and trombone although it sounds horrid. lol

Music is a huge part of my life. I am so glad for it everyday!

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@Mr.Boy If I understand correctly, Tony is reaching A5 using falsetto. Many tenors and a few baritones I know, in both my choir and others, have no problem hitting that pitch and even surpassing it in falsetto. If he was singing in chest voice the whole time, now that would be quite a bit better than average! :)
comment Vocal fach and passaggio
Check out this link for thin vocal chords.link
comment Vocal fach and passaggio
If A2 is your lowest note, you would have a decent range. A2 to A5 is an average vocal range if I'm not mistaken.