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I play the guitar for over twenty years now as a hobby. I especially like playing blues, rhythm'n'blues and jazz but also learned and played classical guitar for quite some time.

I regularly play in a jazz combo and a Big Band.

comment Basics of stage presence for guitarists
+1 Great answer with a lot of good advice!
comment Should barré chords have an acute accent on the E?
This is more of a linguistic than a musical question... IMHO if a word has an accent then you should write it
comment Can there be more than one barre in a guitar chord?
IMHO this chord is not a good example -- the first finger needs only to cover the 5th string and doesn't have to be a barre
comment Do I need to play chords exactly as the tablature says?
I'd say you can play a chord as you like. A third option for the D (and there are more): a barre with finger 1 and finger 2 on the 2nd string...
comment Are there any books or videos out there that teach you SLOWLY and do not focus on learning TABS?
+1 I just stumbled upon this question and wanted to recommend Leavitt as well :)
comment Mark Knopfler picking finger patterns — Sultans of Swing intro
If you watch videos of Knopfler - especially the early ones - you'll notice he never uses the 'a' finger but rather places it on the body of the guitar...