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Developer at Control4. If I'm not coding, I'm usually playing games, guitar, or out in the garage.

comment How should I “store” my guitars?
@neilfein - That's exactly why I keep them on the wall. I'm much more likely to play more often if I just have to pull a guitar off of the wall, than I would if I had to open a case. I'm lazy that way.
comment Is there any way to improve the life of my capo?
I'll second DRL's comment. I've had the same Dunlop Trigger capo for a few years now, and it still works great. I just make sure to remove it whenever I'm not using it, and don't leave it clamped onto anything.
comment The “right” way to use my pinky.
Thanks for the info and the link. I've always figured I was doing it wrong, it's just always been much faster for me and kinda worked so I went with it. I've got no problem with other barre chords, just these Bs, so I'll just have to work on that some more.