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Software developer with about 2.5 years of experience in the IT field

Have held jobs writing: Crystal Reports .Net Code PHP Code MSSQL Server queries, views, stored procs and some table design Oracle 10g queries, views, stored procs... No database design experience using Oracle.

Prior to my positions in development held jobs on a helpdesk level and on network engineering basis (real simple stuff there)...

Hoping to become a master in the IT field. Hopefully one day I will hold a major position of leadership in a major Company. And from there, the World!

using System.Web.TehForums;

public static void main(string[] args)
   System.Console.WriteLine("Hello World");

comment Tracking down sheet music for “God Is” by James Cleveland
I had previously visited that sites after conducting a google search. They List a piano tutorial, but I would rather see the sheet music and go from there. Thanks for the info. I will probably end contacting that company and seeing if I can't get the piano sheet music.